How To Easily Earn Money Online

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There are many ways to earn money online and if you're looking for a way to easily earn money online you should get the SnapMediaApp and get started right away. Users of this app have earned extra money to help them pay bills and some use this "side hustle" to earn extra money to buy things they don't even need. We pride ourselves in allowing people to grow and earn by helping them sell videos so they earn money for very simple tasks like recording short videos of impressive sights of animals, streets, work, school, and other places. All you need is your smartphone. You stand a chance to earn more money when you record as many amazing videos of things that crack you up or visually appealing elements too. Once a buyer sees your videos, they pay for the ones they want, and you get paid. If you're a videographer, this is the perfect platform for you to earn money without any stress. Many videographers do this for a living by simply looking for the best places to record the perfect videos that are unique and beautifully shot. Sometimes, shooting the best video doesn't require you to travel to beautiful places. It might be something as simple as recording a video of your pet doing amazing things, recording a video of your city from your window, or recording a group of animals at the zoo. You can also record a video as you take a boat or a train. These are things we do on an average day, but the difference is that you can earn as you do them now. So, rather than wasting your precious time taking shots of these videos without getting paid, we created this platform to make your effort worthwhile.

An Easy Way You Can Earn Money Online

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Did you know that you can get paid for doing almost nothing? You can earn money online by recording short videos of your daily activities such as walking to work or school, taking a bus or train, taking a boat and other activities, you will definitely come across beautiful sceneries. Have you ever felt like recording a video of these scenes to earn money? This is an opportunity for you to get paid. If you have shot such short videos before, all you need is open the app, press record, and the app does all the rest. You get paid when the video gets sold and you can record as many videos you want. This method of earning money works great for everyone since it does not require a particular skill or learning. As long as you're imaginative and able to record lots of amazing videos, you will earn extra bucks as you work or while in school. If your video high in demand then you can make more money because you can sell the same video over and over again. Our environments have a lot of amazing and awesome scenery, but it takes a little attention for us to see these beautiful things around us. Also, you can get the best video shots in the early morning and evening, especially when there's a climate change. Talking video of such moment as when it begins to snow or when it's raining, with you opening your arms wide and facing the sky with smiles on your face, can earn you an easy money. See? You're getting paid for doing what you do almost every day. You could also record a video when you see amazing things when traveling. We're here to help you make an extra buck while taking just a moment of your time. So, download the app and give it a try and start recording videos now.

Sell Your Homemade Videos

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Sell Your Homemade Videos This is so easy. Keep the cellphone still, have good lighting, and start record videos of things moving around you now. Make a meal Dig in the yard Clean the house Play a game Clean the house again ;) Get creative and make some money. Download the latest version of the app, keep the cellphone still, use good lighting, and start recording videos now.

Sell Your Homemade Video

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Sell Your Homemade Videos If you are stuck in the house you can record video of things moving around you. Use good lighting and some trending video that is needed right now is cleaning around the house.
  • Cleaning in sinks and counter tops
  • Cleaning telephones, keyboards
  • Touching or cleaning door knobs
  • Using hand sanitizer
  • Hand shaking or fist bumping
  • Hand washing with soap and water
  • Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
This is so easy. Keep the cellphone still, have good lighting, and start record videos now. Get creative and make some money. Download the latest version of the app, keep the cellphone still, use good lighting, and start recording videos now.  

Making Money From The Coronavirus

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Want to make money from the Coronavirus? Well, if you want to know what videos are trending right now it’s anything related to the Coronavirus. Start making some money by recording videos of the following:
  • People wearing a mask or blue gloves
  • Hand washing or using sanitizer
  • Hand shaking or fist bumping
  • Hand washing with soap and water
  • Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Thermometer in use
  • Using telephones, keyboards
  • Touching elevator buttons, door knobs
  • Cleaning in sinks and counter tops
  • Shopping and buying items at the store
This is so easy. Download the latest version of the app, keep the cellphone still, use good lighting, and start recording videos now.      

Making Money Recording Stock Video

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Click here to see an example of people walking in Los Angeles. Notice the camera is still, there is lots of movement, and the view is close up. This is what buyers are looking for. If you want to know what videos are trending right now it’s work activities. So, take your camera to work and record video of the things you do at work. Record video making food, stocking shelves, using a cash register, etc. Whatever you are doing at work record a video of it. Download the latest version of the app so you can increase sales. The most recent version of the SnapMediaApp allows you to view your videos for sale and make the bad ones not for sale. This makes your video portfolio only contain the best sellable videos thus increasing sales. Click here and download the latest version now.

Making Money Selling Trending Videos

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If you want to know what videos are trending right now it’s pets. So, if you have dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, bunnies, etc. then record videos of them playing, jumping, eating, walking, or just moving around. Pets are always doing something funny or just walking around. Keep the camera still, don't move it at all, and aim it at your pet and make some money now. Give SnapMeidaApp a try and see how easy it is. Go to SnapMediaApp and start making money now.

Making Money At Work And On Your Way To Work

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to make some extra money while on your way to work or while you are at work? Well, there is. Did you know that digital marketing companies are willing to pay for short videos of everyday events? They need scenes of everyday life and in most cases it’s easier and cheaper to buy a video from the Internet rather than making it themselves. And this is where the SnapMediaApp comes in. In your work journey, you wake up then get ready to go to work. On your way, you pass by schools, factories, highways, parks or whatever ancient/modern buildings you have in your city. You spend your day at work between offices, meeting rooms, and cafeterias. These are all scenes of everyday events that marketing agencies need. All you have to do is record short 15-second videos of these scenes using the SnapMediaApp and your recordings will be for sale on the SnapMediaApp Marketplace. When you are at work record video. Are you on a construction site, do you work in an office, do you work in a factory? Machines moving, products being made, buildings being created are all scenes that marketing agencies need. These are just some ideas of how you can make easy money while you are at work and using the SnapMediaApp. Give SnapMeidaApp a try and see how easy it is. Go to SnapMediaApp and start making money now.

Making Money With SnapMediaApp Compared To Facebook

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How would you like to get paid for selling the videos you record? Do you know how much you would have earned with the videos you have posted on Facebook for free? Selling stock videos on SnapMediaApp will help you earn some extra cash. Stock videos are videos that you record anywhere and individuals or agencies buy them from an online marketplace. Digital marketers sometimes need short video scenes so they can add them to the main video they are creating. If a digital marketer is not near a location like the beach or downtown making it difficult to record the video themselves so they will buy it from an online marketplace. That's where you come in! Just record video of things, animals, beautiful scenery or just anything around you that is moving with the SnapMediaApp, and you've taken a step towards earning money. Record video of oceans, moving trains, people or anything! Record your activities at work, that car wash beside your workplace or the most beautiful place in your locality. Have you ever recorded a video of yourself while hiking? Do it now and get paid! It's fun! Alluring scenes of nature is incredible too! Why not bring out your smartphone and open your SnapMediaApp. Record the animals rustling around the forest, the trees blowing in the wind, the flowing river or waterfall and many more. You do not have to post these videos for free anymore, post with your SnapMediaApp and start earning money! The beautiful thing about this app is that it doesn't take your time. All you need to spare is only 15 seconds. Another exciting thing about it is that you can sell this video to many people and get paid time and time again. It's very easy, and it's like earning money with little or no effort. If you're looking at making an extra income or having a side hustle, the SnapMediaApp will help you achieve this. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start earning. Give SnapMeidaApp a try and see how easy it is. Go to SnapMediaApp and start making money now.

Making Money With SnapMediaApp Compared To Uber

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Gigging or freelancing has become a popular side hustle for those looking to make extra money in their lives. As we rely more on tech and the companies focused on it, there are always new ways for people to create an increased stream of income. This can be done by on a part-time basis or as a full-time job or as the sole means of income overall. It really depends on the person and the means by which they are earning. Anyone can do it, there’s just a matter of how they go about it, which leads one to the opportunity of SnapMediaApp. Uber and Lyft are popular ride sharing companies that have become more popular in recent years as a means of transportation. The idea is that individuals can use the app to call for a verified ride that will take the rider to their destination for a fee or charge. They are often seen as a means of extra cash for those looking to find something to fill out their wallet. But SnapMediaApp is a very different thing. It is a video selling website that allows media agencies to purchase videos uploaded via the app. It is designed to be used by anyone with an Android smartphone. The steps are easy enough for uploaders: record, the video uploads itself and when it sells you get paid. Income is made by Uber and Lyft drivers through the price calculation, which depends heavily on the location and distance of the dropoff, of an offered ride. It comes with many requirements such as the driver to have a car and insurance along with a valid driver’s license, stipulations for this including the possibility of needing to have driven for at least a year in Uber’s case. Whereas this can seem restrictive to many so the SnapMediaApp is a much better alternative with its accessibility for everyone. All a person has to do is record their content and let the system do all the rest. Go to SnapMediaApp and start making money now.

Freelance Journalists File Suit Claiming AB5 Unconstitutional

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For those in California that want to continue to sell video as a freelancer visit SnapMediaApp and start recording video right away. Some have mixed emotions about California's Assembly Bill 5 that goes into effect January 1, 2020. Some are hoping employers will be forced to hire on freelancers as a part-time or full-time employee while some freelancers are already getting the ax. From the LA Times: Under the state’s landmark labor law AB5, which goes into effect Jan. 1, news outlets can publish no more than 35 pieces per year from an individual freelance writer before that journalist must be classified as a part- or full-time employee. Some freelancers worry publishers will let them go rather than convert them to employees — a designation that guarantees some benefits and protections. From the OC Register: In fact, as we have long warned on this page, the bill [AB5] is putting thousands of freelancers out of work in California.

Get Paid And Be Your Own Boss With SnapMediaApp

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Are you tired of the hassles and stress from going out to work every day? Then you should be thinking of something that could get you that financial freedom you need. Well, you need to think no further, the solution you need is right here at your fingertips. Yes, you heard that right – SnapMediaApp is an app that comes loaded with benefits for those that need to be their own boss. This app has all the perks that you need to make money every single day, and the most exciting thing about it is that you don't need to pay to register. SnapMediaApp is an app that allows you to make videos and place them for sale right away. The process is very simple and you wouldn't need to watch any tutorial video or download any sophisticated software before knowing how to use it. All you need to do is understand how to point your smartphone and record a video. Adjusting the default keywords on each video also gets you a higher chance of selling them and making more money. So, if you have a smartphone that can record video then you are good to go. There are so many apps on the internet promising to help you make money but would require you to go through a lot of stress to learn how to use the apps. And there is the category that needs you to do some level of going out and getting things done. But SnapMediaApp won't require any of these things for you, all you need is to record video of scenes that digital marketing agencies might want to buy. Here is how it works: • Get your smartphone and open it. • Point and record for 15 seconds. • You get paid when the video sells. Go to SnapMediaApp and start reaping amazing benefits, in cash, now.

Getting Paid Like YouTube

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The key difference between SnapMediaApp and YouTube lies in the specifics of monetization. Whereas YouTube’s program is designed with only the biggest players in mind, SnapMediaApp is for anyone with a smartphone that wants to earn money recording video. YouTube requires creators to verify their accounts and join their partner program before they can be considered for monetization. These hoops make it almost entirely inaccessible to the average person. This is opposed to SnapMediaApp’s method that allows anyone to record videos for media agencies to purchase from the platform. It provides a more personable experience without the overtly corporate expending of profits. Because of this it is clear that SnapMediaApp offers a superior experience for normal uploaders in how it handles monetization. SnapMediaApp is a video based freelancing platform designed for the monetization of video content. Users record videos from their smartphones with the SnapMediaApp in an easy way that encourages anyone to start making money with the site. The platform prides itself on being available for everyone. Any of the recorded videos can then be purchased, multiple times in fact, by different media agencies across the world. Most of these media agencies are expressly looking to make a purchase of creators’ videos which makes them more likely to consider and therefore buy content from them. Because of the video monetization aspect of SnapMediaApp, there can be certain comparisons drawn to YouTube another site known in a similar sense by the superficial details. YouTube is a popular online video sharing platform that uses ads that are put in place before videos to earn income for the creator and YouTube alike by dividing the percentages and margins between the two. However, unlike SnapMediaApp, the videos are not being purchased as stock, the ads are simply played before said videos. While there are some general similarities between the sites, the methods are not the same in action for all those involved. This leads to a fundamental difference in the way revenue is made for the creators who upload to either of the sites. Go to SnapMediaApp and start recording videos right away.

Get Paid Freelancing With The SnapMediaApp

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As easy as it sounds, SnapMediaApp is a freelancing app in which you can sell the footage you record with your smartphone. All you need to do is use the app to record video, the app will do its magic, and place it for sale on the marketplace. And once it is sold you get paid for it. You record it and the SnapMediaApp will take care of the rest. The more you record, the more chances of having your videos bought via someone or some advertising agency that needs it. There are many ways to make money online right now, but this is by far the easiest. With the SnapMediaApp you can record anything such as your pets, cars in the road... or just about anything moving. It has never been so simple to make easy money out of a daily life tasks as it is now thanks to the SnapMediaApp platform. You don’t need to edit the video either. Just record video and the app will post it on the marketplace and put it up for sale with no effort on your part. If you are traveling, cooking, playing games, even doing some indoor activities, all the footage is needed by advertising agencies which pay for these activities to be done by others. You don’t have to be an expert because the vibe of an authentic video has more weight now than ever before here and instead of doing it for free on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat for only recreational purposes, why not make some money from it? It is easy, fast, and the app does all the work. Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Get Paid To Go On Vacation

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Going on a vacation sounds so awesome, right? It’s the place where you will be able to set your mind and body into full relaxation mode. To you, it’s going to be like, “Work can’t get through to me and can’t bother me because I’m on my vacation!” Yeah, it’s mostly fun especially when you have specific activities planned for the trip like going sailing in the British Islands, taking a cruise to the Bahamas, checking out temples in Thailand, walking on a field of tulips in the Netherlands, or taking a safari trip in South Africa. Whether your definition of 'vacation' means going out of the country and exploring new places or just staying away from the city for a while, vacation is meant to bring peace in your mind and relaxation. However, the main antagonist of your fairy tale getaway is the expense you’ll face during that relaxation period. Imagine the expenses from your hotel accommodation, the activities you want to do, the food and fare you need to pay for, and the souvenirs you want to save as a remembrance from that trip. So when you think about it, a vacation trip is really something to look forward to so you can unwind after stressful shifts at work or a heavy school semester BUT you should be able to invest on it first so you can enjoy the most of it while it lasts. It’s a good thing that there is a way to help you, even just a little bit, with your vacation expenses. How would you like to get paid for taking videos while you are on your trip? Sounds super easy, right? Yes, it is. All you have to do is record videos of things that are moving around you – it can be beautiful scenery with birds flying by, a sunset with trees blowing in the wind, or even just a street with moving cars. Your videos will then be uploaded for sale onto the marketplace, and the bonus part is your videos can be sold multiple times! Next time you go on a vacation, make sure to record videos through the app and get paid! Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Get Paid To Record Video When You’re Not Driving For Uber

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Driving for Uber and “gigging” is a great way to make some extra cash almost immediately. But, what if you don’t have access to a car or aren’t getting requests for rides all the time. Well, there is a new gig that allows you to make money using micro-moments of your time. It’s the SnapMediaApp. SnapMediaApp is a mobile application that allows you to record short videos (15 seconds in length) of basically anything you want or anything that is moving in your surroundings. These video clips will then be uploaded to the marketplace, where it will be sold to people who are looking for a specific video which will be used depending on their work objectives. People that need video include writers – who need short clips to represent their written pieces, advertising agents – who need certain types of videos for a variety of advertisements in websites and such, and online business owners – who need clips that will stand for their brand and will catch their target customer’s attention. You just have to open the app and record things for 15 seconds and viola! And you can sell the same video to different people over and over. This should be ideal for you if you want to earn an extra income when you’re not driving for Uber. A driving gig like Uber allows you to earn a steady stream of income, but what would happens if you don’t have a driving gig for that day? That seems pretty hard to imagine, especially if you could use an extra buck to go on for the day. You can use the SnapMediaApp to gain you another semi-source of income. Just go downtown and then take out your phone and record things like the traffic in front of you, tree leaves falling, and people crossing the street. You could also head out to the docks and record the ocean waves, the birds flying, and moving boats. Go to the park and record clips of the playground, people exercising or jogging, and pets playing around the park. You can basically record everything around you and make money from it. Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Get Paid To Exercise By Recording Video When You Workout

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Exercising is considered to be one of the most important activities you can do to boost your health and wouldn’t you like to get paid to do it? Many people have made exercising a weekly virtue and are very committed to this kind of activity that they incorporate it with their daily lives. Some people would rather lay in bed and munch on some chips all day and say that exercising isn’t just their cup of tea. However, the good thing about exercise is that you sometimes do it without even realizing it. For example, taking long walks, climbing up and down flights of stairs, or something as simple as riding a bicycle can also be considered as exercising. There are numerous health benefits of exercising and these include prevention of chronic diseases like cardiovascular-related diseases and arthritis, boosting of the brain health, and bone and muscle strengthening. Exercising contributes a lot to your health more than you could think; however, there’s a catch. Even though there are much simpler ways to engage in exercise, people who needs to pay close attention to this kind of activity or are serious about exercising pay huge amounts of money. Whether paying for gym memberships and fitness instructors or paying for exercise equipment and accessories, most people are obligated to pay money to improve their health. So, what if I told you that there’s actually a way to earn money while doing your exercise routine? Yeah, you read it right. Get paid to exercise! I introduce to you the SnapMediaApp. Basically, what you do in this app is record short videos of anything that's moving around you. The process is very simple and easy to follow. Just open the app, record video from your routine or exercise equipment moving, and it gets placed on the marketplace for sale. People who are looking for specific videos for advertisement purposes or writers who need to spice up their content could buy your videos. The good thing is, the sale of the same video can be sold repeatedly. So, the next time you go for your routine, make sure to take videos with the SnapMediaApp and get paid to exercise! Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Get Paid To Sell Stock Video

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How would you like to get paid selling stock video? What is stock video? Stock video is video that Digital Marketers use as a background or it helps to explain something in the video they are creating. Examples of what they use this for include social media advertisements, YouTube videos, etc. Digital Marketers just need a little piece of video and don't have time to record it themselves or might not be near that location so it's much easier to purchase from a website. So, just imagine if you could get paid to record video of things around you? Well, you can! Record video using the SnapMediaApp. Record video of boats, the ocean, cars driving down the road, animals playing... just about anything moving. Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Online Job, Get Paid Selling Video, Super Easy

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How much more plain can it be said: You record it, we sell it, and you get paid! This has got to be the easiest job the gig economy has to offer. You don't need a car, don't need to deliver food or packages, all you need is a smartphone. So, what do you need to do? Oh nothing, just point and shoot something moving and the software does all the rest. You can record video of animals, moving cars, trees blowing in the wind... Hey, how about take your smartphone to work? Record video flipping hamburgers, making tacos, car wash, toll booth, cashier, or just about anything you are doing at work. Click here and give it a try and see how easy it is!

Get Paid Money For Working Online

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Thanks to the Internet it is much easier to make money online especially with a smartphone app. Some drive for Uber or Lyft but what if you don't have a car? What if you live in a small village that doesn't have a very large population making it difficult to work with ride-sharing services. Well, now there's a way to get paid money for working online with just a smartphone. It's called SnapMediaApp. With SnapMediaApp you record video, it goes up for sale on our marketplace, and if someone buys it then you get paid! No editing, no re-formatting, no keywords or descriptions, and best of all, no thinking required. Yes, it's this easy! Take a look and see how easy it is for yourself. Click here and check it out now!