1. Record video with this app.

2. We sell it, you earn US$12.50.

3. Sign up and download the app.

Record Video

▶ Record Video With This App
Use this app to record short 15-second videos. The app places your recorded video on our marketplace, makes it available for purchase, and allows you to adjust keyword tags so your videos can be found in relevant searches. Record anything... activities near an ocean or lake, animals, work activities... everything is interesting so why not get paid for recording it? Sign up now and start earning money!

We Sell It For You

▶ We Sell It For You, You Earn US$12.50
Media agencies use video as part of a story or for an advertisement and don’t have time or the ability to record the video themselves so they purchase a license to use your video. Your videos will be placed on our marketplace for anyone to purchase. And when your videos sells you earn US$12.50. We pay you using PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. Sign up now and start earning money!

You Earn Money
Get paid

▶ Install The App
Install the app and use it a few times a day to record things moving around you while keeping your smartphone still. The more you record the more videos you will have for sale. Sign up now and start earning money!

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