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Make money get paid now! Easier than taking online surveys…

Make money get paid now! Easier than taking online surveys in 2023…

Is it possible to make money and have fun taking surveys online? Wouldn’t it be better to do something once and get paid over and over again for your work instead?

Some surveys can take half an hour or more to complete. Do the math and you’ll see it can take a while to make any significant amount of money at all. And what if you don’t qualify to take the survey? I mean, who wants to spend time finding surveys to take?

There is a better way. Record video with your smartphone, put it up for sale, and you can get paid over and over again for the same video. This takes a lot less time and trouble than filling out online surveys.

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And you can get some inspiration from this article about earning money online. In this article you’ll get some ideas of videos that you can easily record and start to make money right away.

About SnapMediaApp:

SnapMediaApp is an authentic stock video marketplace that offers affordable stock video created from a world-wide army of freelancers.

Videographers find the process very time consuming to sell their videos on a stock video marketplace. To solve this we use a two-step “point and shoot” process making the process super easy for the videographers. The old way of doing this is very time consuming: record lots of videos, make notes, get back home, edit the videos, create a spreadsheet, select a category, add a title, add a description, add keywords, add a price, add the filename, and then submit all the videos and spreadsheet to the marketplace and pray that the submission does not have errors or gets denied.

Digital Marketing Agencies struggle to find authentic and affordable stock video. Affordability is a major concern and 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support but too many professional-looking videos are already available. To solve this we utilize the “gig economy” of videographers making our stock videos very affordable and authentic-looking.