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We Are Giving Away Free Money Online Again

We are adding US$1 to everyone’s SnapMediaApp account again and there will be other opportunities to earn free money besides recording and selling video so make sure to create your account inside the app before February 22, 2021.

For those that have not done so take a moment to download/update your SnapMediaApp and make sure to login and/or create your account so you can take advantage of free money.

Only those that have the latest SnapMediaApp installed AND record at least one video will be receiving free money so make sure to download/update if you need to. You will want to login and review your balance and/or create your account inside the app today if you have not already. Oh, click here to let your friends know they can earn money online too.

Now make a commitment to yourself to record quality video and the more videos you record the more likely your videos will be seen and purchased.

Remember to record quality videos early and often so you can increase your chances of earning more money. Click here to watch the video to learn how.

Tip: You can get some inspiration from this article about earning money online. In this article you’ll get some ideas of videos that you can easily record and start to make money right away.