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Mobile Stock Video Marketplace


The World’s Only Mobile Stock Video App And Marketplace Officially Launches.

Orange County, CA – Orange County entrepreneur has created the only mobile stock video app and marketplace allowing anyone with an Android smartphone to record short videos and have them placed for sale, automatically.

“We believe Digital Marketers and Advertising Agencies want affordable and authentic stock video”, say Kevin Carr founder of “We created a mobile stock video app and marketplace that connects non-professional videographers with Digital Marketers and Advertising Agencies”.

Digital marketing agencies struggle to find stock video that is both affordable and authentic-looking and over $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) of stock video is sold in the US every year.

“We are perfectly positioned for success thanks to the advancements of mobile devices and apps. Today’s smartphones are recording higher quality video with faster data speeds than ever before.” Say Carr.

The mobile videos are offered for sale on the marketplace and when a video is sold the videographer receives half of the sale price and the marketplace keeps the other half. All videos are just $25.

Living just a few miles from an ocean, Kevin Carr wanted a way to easily record and sell stock video of sea life but found it too costly to buy expensive video equipment and software, learn how to use it, then go through a difficult process of submitting videos to stock video marketplace websites. “I set out to create something so simple and easy to use that anyone can record video and place it for sale without having to think”, says Carr.

The smartphone mobile app and selling on the marketplace are both free and the app is available for the Android platform at and Google Play.

“It’s easier than people think” say Kevin Carr founder of “Really, all you have to do is open the app, press record, and the app does the rest”.

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About Us And A Mobile Stock Video Marketplace:

SnapMediaApp is a mobile stock video marketplace that offers affordable stock video created from a world-wide army of freelancers.

Digital Marketing Agencies struggle to find authentic and affordable stock video. To solve this we utilize the “gig economy” of videographers making our mobile stock videos very affordable and authentic-looking.

Yesterday’s videographers find the process very time consuming to sell their videos on a stock video marketplace. Today’s videographers use their mobile phone app which now has high resolution and lots of technology that yesterday’s videographers envy.

See how the mobile stock video app and marketplace works:

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You will find HD Stock Video on the internet

Developing a mobile stock video marketplace for mobile stock video which is interesting and modern can often be challenging. When it commences getting to be bland and boring, you may want to contemplate incorporating stock footage into your video clip to make it thrilling and more meaningful. Applying High definition inventory movie could also preserve you funds and plenty of time. You are going to discover an enormous difference in your output prices.

When you’ve spent the time to view commercials on Television, then you definitely have noticed stock online video getting used and some of it is purchased from a mobile stock video marketplace. It may even be difficult to inform which is an High definition inventory clip as it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the footage in the professional. Among the list of major causes to utilize this really is to economize. All you are doing is purchase the correct to make use of it in the professional or movie and You then are all set to employ it.

Quite a few motion pictures have employed stock footage and it comes from a mobile stock video marketplace. They are actually included into motion pictures For many years from the marketplace. Because of the new technological know-how, quite a few motion pictures mix new footage with inventory footage and they will develop truly neat scenes. This is certainly getting carried out in lots of films today.

Sometimes this inventory footage might be costly, and in some cases it doesn’t cost anything. It seriously just is determined by the footage and how unique it truly is. There are lots of web pages on the net that supply royalty free mobile stock video online video that any individual can use but it won’t be unique because everyone is probably using it.

Utilizing High definition stock videos, or a mobile stock video marketplace, might also cut down on output time and the price of management. Reusing footage would make the process a lot easier and far quicker. You can also consider inventory video clip and improve it so it can function perfectly with your video. You can find a good selection of stock video on the marketplace.

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Inventory footage, or stock movie, or a mobile stock video marketplace is usually non unique and very typical so it may be used in many different commercials or videos. Some fantastic illustrations are photos of landmarks, towns, wildlife and historical movie. One Film that utilized historic video properly is Forrest Gump. They even used Laptop technology to generate Forrest Gump look like he was at some quite historic place doing activities.

Many alternative organizations have copyrights to HD movie and after that they lease out the films for a small Price tag. They generally will want royalty service fees, but that is unusual. It is usually quite reasonably priced film to use. When you observe the information, you may discover that they have an inclination to utilize a lot of High definition stock movie- at times it is actually their own personal, and occasionally it is actually from Yet another company. They will often give credit someplace on the display screen to the company that owns the legal rights towards the movie.