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Making Money With SnapMediaApp Compared To Facebook

How would you like to get paid for selling the videos you record? Do you know how much you would have earned with the videos you have posted on Facebook for free? Selling stock videos on SnapMediaApp will help you earn some extra cash. Stock videos are videos that you record anywhere and individuals or agencies buy them from an online marketplace.

Digital marketers sometimes need short video scenes so they can add them to the main video they are creating. If a digital marketer is not near a location like the beach or downtown making it difficult to record the video themselves so they will buy it from an online marketplace. That’s where you come in! Just record video of things, animals, beautiful scenery or just anything around you that is moving with the SnapMediaApp, and you’ve taken a step towards earning money. Record video of oceans, moving trains, people or anything! Record your activities at work, that car wash beside your workplace or the most beautiful place in your locality. Have you ever recorded a video of yourself while hiking? Do it now and get paid! It’s fun!

Alluring scenes of nature is incredible too! Why not bring out your smartphone and open your SnapMediaApp. Record the animals rustling around the forest, the trees blowing in the wind, the flowing river or waterfall and many more. You do not have to post these videos for free anymore, post with your SnapMediaApp and start earning money! The beautiful thing about this app is that it doesn’t take your time. All you need to spare is only 15 seconds. Another exciting thing about it is that you can sell this video to many people and get paid time and time again. It’s very easy, and it’s like earning money with little or no effort. If you’re looking at making an extra income or having a side hustle, the SnapMediaApp will help you achieve this. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start earning.

Give SnapMeidaApp a try and see how easy it is. Go to SnapMediaApp and start making money now.

About SnapMediaApp:

SnapMediaApp is an authentic stock video marketplace that offers affordable stock video created from a world-wide army of freelancers.

Videographers find the process very time consuming to sell their videos on a stock video marketplace. To solve this we use a two-step “point and shoot” process making the process super easy for the videographers. The old way of doing this is very time consuming: record lots of videos, make notes, get back home, edit the videos, create a spreadsheet, select a category, add a title, add a description, add keywords, add a price, add the filename, and then submit all the videos and spreadsheet to the marketplace and pray that the submission does not have errors or gets denied.

Digital Marketing Agencies struggle to find authentic and affordable stock video. Affordability is a major concern and 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support but too many professional-looking videos are already available. To solve this we utilize the “gig economy” of videographers making our stock videos very affordable and authentic-looking.