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Cheap HD Stock Video

If you are thinking about using cheap HD stock video for a professional online advertisement then free stock video most likely will not work for you.

Free stock video might seem like a good idea at first but if too many advertisements are using the same video clips then your video won’t appear original. Do you have a brand with it’s own unique look? If so, then using the same free over-used videos a like everyone else is not a good idea. This could make your advertisements appear to be a copy of someone else’s work weakening your branding efforts.

And free stock video on the free stock video websites tend to be created by professionals. Imagine if you were using very professional looking stock video with perfect lighting and prefect-looking actors but really needed authentic-looking people and images with not-so-good lighting and not-so professional.

What you might be looking for is cheap and authentic stock video. Cheap stock video, such as stock video for just US$25, is basically free stock video. And, authentic stock video is unique. This combination is useful for branding, professionalism, and still within budget.

So, when it comes to branding, uniqueness, authenticity then free stock video may not be the video that you need.

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