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A Basic Beginner’s Guide To Passive Income Online In 2022

Do you take pictures and record video with your smartphone? Do you like to visit the park, beach or see the animals at the zoo to have fun? Is there something you do for fun but do not take time to record it with your smartphone? Well, now is your chance to use your smartphone and our app to record videos and have them placed for sale on our marketplace. And the same video sell over and over again! This is easy passive income, online.

Wouldn’t you like to sit back and earn money the easy way? Just think, you could have hundreds or thousands of videos for sale right now all earning you income without having to work! Digital marketing agencies need these videos as background in their online ads. Basically it’s much easier to buy a scene online rather than go out an make it themselves. And remember, your same video can sell over and over again.

This is much better than trading your time to earn an hourly wage because we all have limited time, right? This is how many people earn money, trade their time. But wouldn’t you like to have more time to so things you want to do instead of working all the time? Well now you can work as little or as much as you want recording videos and making passive income. This will give you more time for fun!

So, here’s your opportunity to earn passive income online.
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