Freelance Journalists File Suit Claiming AB5 Unconstitutional

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For those in California that want to continue to sell video as a freelancer visit SnapMediaApp and start recording video right away. Some have mixed emotions about California's Assembly Bill 5 that goes into effect January 1, 2020. Some are hoping employers will be forced to hire on freelancers as a part-time or full-time employee while some freelancers are already getting the ax. From the LA Times: Under the state’s landmark labor law AB5, which goes into effect Jan. 1, news outlets can publish no more than 35 pieces per year from an individual freelance writer before that journalist must be classified as a part- or full-time employee. Some freelancers worry publishers will let them go rather than convert them to employees — a designation that guarantees some benefits and protections. From the OC Register: In fact, as we have long warned on this page, the bill [AB5] is putting thousands of freelancers out of work in California.

Get Paid And Be Your Own Boss With SnapMediaApp

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Are you tired of the hassles and stress from going out to work every day? Then you should be thinking of something that could get you that financial freedom you need. Well, you need to think no further, the solution you need is right here at your fingertips. Yes, you heard that right – SnapMediaApp is an app that comes loaded with benefits for those that need to be their own boss. This app has all the perks that you need to make money every single day, and the most exciting thing about it is that you don't need to pay to register. SnapMediaApp is an app that allows you to make videos and place them for sale right away. The process is very simple and you wouldn't need to watch any tutorial video or download any sophisticated software before knowing how to use it. All you need to do is understand how to point your smartphone and record a video. Adjusting the default keywords on each video also gets you a higher chance of selling them and making more money. So, if you have a smartphone that can record video then you are good to go. There are so many apps on the internet promising to help you make money but would require you to go through a lot of stress to learn how to use the apps. And there is the category that needs you to do some level of going out and getting things done. But SnapMediaApp won't require any of these things for you, all you need is to record video of scenes that digital marketing agencies might want to buy. Here is how it works: • Get your smartphone and open it. • Point and record for 15 seconds. • You get paid when the video sells. Go to SnapMediaApp and start reaping amazing benefits, in cash, now.

Getting Paid Like YouTube

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The key difference between SnapMediaApp and YouTube lies in the specifics of monetization. Whereas YouTube’s program is designed with only the biggest players in mind, SnapMediaApp is for anyone with a smartphone that wants to earn money recording video. YouTube requires creators to verify their accounts and join their partner program before they can be considered for monetization. These hoops make it almost entirely inaccessible to the average person. This is opposed to SnapMediaApp’s method that allows anyone to record videos for media agencies to purchase from the platform. It provides a more personable experience without the overtly corporate expending of profits. Because of this it is clear that SnapMediaApp offers a superior experience for normal uploaders in how it handles monetization. SnapMediaApp is a video based freelancing platform designed for the monetization of video content. Users record videos from their smartphones with the SnapMediaApp in an easy way that encourages anyone to start making money with the site. The platform prides itself on being available for everyone. Any of the recorded videos can then be purchased, multiple times in fact, by different media agencies across the world. Most of these media agencies are expressly looking to make a purchase of creators’ videos which makes them more likely to consider and therefore buy content from them. Because of the video monetization aspect of SnapMediaApp, there can be certain comparisons drawn to YouTube another site known in a similar sense by the superficial details. YouTube is a popular online video sharing platform that uses ads that are put in place before videos to earn income for the creator and YouTube alike by dividing the percentages and margins between the two. However, unlike SnapMediaApp, the videos are not being purchased as stock, the ads are simply played before said videos. While there are some general similarities between the sites, the methods are not the same in action for all those involved. This leads to a fundamental difference in the way revenue is made for the creators who upload to either of the sites. Go to SnapMediaApp and start recording videos right away.